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Alcatraz Foundation

Founded: 1/1/1996   Location: San Francisco, California

Founder(s): Courier Communications, PacCom, InfoTech Systems and United Mutual along with the Radley Foundation

Headquarters Location: San Francisco, California

Offices: Sacramento, California

Paranormal Community: The Alcatraz Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that was founded under the primary funding source and victim relief services provisions of the Radley-Gold Act of 1979.

The Foundation funds the liability insurance for the Wardens as well as funding supplemental property insurance for residents and businesses of the San Francisco bay area that are located in areas with high incidences of paranormal crime.

The Foundation also funds victim relief services to help victims of paranormal crimes as well as provides counseling services for the victims of paranormal crimes and their families.

Additionally, the Foundation funds the Alcatraz Foundation Preservation Society, a group that coordinates preservation efforts and funds the maintenance and upkeep of Alcatraz Island National Park.

Cross References: Courier Communications. InfoTech Systems. PacCom. Radley Foundation, Christopher Owen. Wardens.

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