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Courier Communications

Founded: 10/22/1986   Location: San Francisco, California

Founder(s): Drake Moorland and Pankaj Shindar

Headquarters Location: San Francisco, California

Offices: San Jose, California

History: Courier Communications is a manufacturing and research corporation that specializes in communications routing and switching equipment. The company has come to the forefront of the communications industry with the rise in the popularity of the Internet. Courier Communications and partner, Frisco Systems, have recently landed major contracts with PacCom, SWC Communications and American Telecommunications Group. CEO Armstrong Moorland and President/COO Pankaj Shindar currently head the company.

Paranormal Community: Courier Communications was one of the founding sponsors and continues to be a major supporter for the Alcatraz Foundation, the support foundation for the Wardens. The company was recently named as the lead contractor by the FSS to upgrade their secure communications network.

Cross References: Alcatraz Foundation. Federal Security Service. Federal Security Service Timeline. Frisco Systems. Moorland, Drake. PacCom. Shindar, Pankaj.

Record Last Changed Date: 3/1/2005

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